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Psych Screen is an online survey to identify the personal characteristics, behaviours and attitudes that are important to work in the Oil and Gas Industry. By Completing the survey you will help to ensure a safer and more productive industry. Participation in the survey is voluntary and will not affect your employment in any way.


As part of the survey validation process your supervisor will also complete their own assessment of your suitability for the industry and this will be compared with your survey responses.   Neither your supervisor or your employer will get to see your survey responses.   Likewise, neither you or the employer will get to view your supervisors assessment. Your responses and your identity in this process are strictly confidential and will not be released to your employer or to any third party in any way. Your survey responses will only be recorded against a unique case number and therefore will be de-identified.


Your results will be held in complete confidence and in compliance with the current state and federal privacy acts as they apply to the storage of medically confidential information. Further information can be found by visiting the following website:

As part of the validation process it would be helpful if we could contact you each six months to see if you are still working in the same job with the same company, same job with a different company, different job same company, different job different company, or if you have left the industry. This would be done via a brief email survey. You may in the future also be invited to re-complete the entire Psych Screen questionnaire as a way of determining its test/retest reliability.  Both requests are voluntary with answers recorded and stored under the same conditions outlined above.

If you require further information about your participation, please contact us.

Telephone: (07) 4634 0003 / E-mail:

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